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How We Help Real Estate Agents

We help Real Estate Agents and Brokers by providing the best converting Real Estate keywords that focus on buying and selling homes in your local area. Our Real Estate Keyword Sheets© contain thousands of variations of keywords and search terms actually used by real people looking for Real Estate help in online searches on both Google Adwords and Bing Adcenter.

Real Estate Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If you’re looking to promote your brand quickly online, then the first place to look is to PPC advertising campaigns.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising allows Real Estate Agents high visibility on search engines almost immediately vs having to wait 3-4 months for a carefully crafted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign to kick in and be effective.

PPC ads are 'Pay-Per-Click" ads. This means you will literally only be paying per click for each person that clicks on one of your ads.

PPC Advertising gives you the precise control that any Real Estate advertising campaign needs and allows you to build a perfect business plan with a precise advertising spend, target demographic and profit margin.

With Bing Ads, you can precisely calculate the cost of each visitor to your site and the cost per lead conversion. 

An Introduction to Bing Ads


Bing Ads Are 33% Cheaper than Google Adwords

When it comes to PPC, the first name that comes to mind is: Google AdWords.  

Google AdWords is by far the biggest PPC platform and the one that most new marketers will go to first. But there are other options out there.   

If you like to play chess, Google is like a Queen on your PPC chessboard. 

Bing on the other hand, is more like a Rook, Bishop, or Knight chess piece. 

You can still win a chess game with one of these strategically placed chess pieces.  

Focusing only on Google AdWords can be a big mistake.  

Google AdWords is actually more expensive, more competitive and less precise in many ways. 

This is where Bing comes in.   

A Bing Real Estate advertising campaign can help you to reach an entirely different section of your market while avoiding direct competition with some of the bigger competitors in the field.     

Bing ads are not as big as Google Ads in terms of traffic, But they are less competitive and on average cost 33% less than Google Ads.    

Bing has 20% market share of the online PPC market. When you consider Yahoo! still makes up around 10%. Yahoo is powered by Bing, that goes up to 30%.


This is a serious amount of web traffic to ignore!

Bing is the perfect starting point for small lean business and a very wise source of traffic for all online business.  

Bing has approximately 9.6 billion searches per month.   

According to, 39% of mobile and tablet devices searches  in the U. S. originated from Bing at the end of the 3rd quarter in 2018.

A good Bing ad campaign can be strategically used in conjunction with a Google Adwords campaign for better conversions.  

3 Easy Steps to Your Own Real Estate Bing Campaign

Start with Step #1, or go with a combination of steps below. 

Step 1: 50,000 Top Real Estate Keywords for $500


A Good PPC Campaign Starts With the Right Keywords

We've chosen 50,000 of the best converting Real Estate Keywords from our 5 Million Real Estate Keyword Library.

Put them together at an affordable price and made them easy to upload.

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars developing and testing keywords. We have done this for you and you can get started today!

Real Estate Keywords Include; 

House Listing Agent, First-Time Buyers Agent, Buyers Real Estate Agent, List My Home Real Estate Agents, Local Home Realty Agents, Real Estate Professional, Sell Home Realty Office, Best Real Estate Brokers, Top Real Estate Agents, My Area Real Estate Agents, Condo Selling Realtor, Townhome Real Estate Agent, Condo For Sale Realtors, Houses For Sale Realty Agent, Best Real Estate Agents, Find a Local Realtor, Top Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Agencies, and many more... 

 Real Estate Keyword Benefits

  • Keywords can be uploaded Immediately.
  • Keywords can be used for better Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Keywords can be easily set for your GEO Location.
  • Keywords attract more searches > Buyers > Sellers.
  • Compete against competitors with deep pockets.
  • Pay only when someone clicks your Ad.

Get More Real Estate Leads! You set your monthly budget. Adding 50,000 Real Estate targeted keywords is like having a giant grid over your local 25-50 mile GEO location working 24/7 and day, 365 days a year!   



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Step 2: Build Bing Adcenter Real Estate Campaigns


Get a Bing Real Estate Keyword Engine For $1,000

If you don't have a Bing Adcenter PPC marketing campaign we can build one for you that will be will live in 2-3 business days. 

Your Bing PPC Engine comes with settings already done for you to maximize keyword conversions. 

PPC Settings Include:

  • Local GEO Settings (25-50 mile radius) 
  • Call Extensions in Ads
  • Site Link Extensions in Ads
  • Tracking & Conversion Settings
  • You Choose Monthly & Daily Budgets

Your Bing PPC engine will calculate how much each customer is worth and help you make very accurate projections about the best ways to spend your money.


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Step 3: Affordable Monthly PPC Management


Need Help Managing Your Bing PPC Campaign?

If you need help managing your Bing Real Estate keyword advertising campaign we can help. 

We offer an affordable PPC management fee of $500 per month + 15% of your campaigns monthly spend. For Example; If you spend $1,000 per month on PPC clicks we charge an additional 15% or $150.  

PPC Management Includes: 

  • 10 Hours PPC Management
  • Monitoring Campaign Results
  • Tracking Conversions
  • Adding Bing Suggested Keywords
  • Adding Negative Keywords
  • CTR Reporting (Click Through Rate)  
  • CPC Reporting (Cost Per Click)  
  • CPM Reporting (cost per impression)  
  • Managing Ads 

Included in PPC Management: Each month your keyword list will updated with Bing Suggested keywords from our live 2 million real estate keyword campaigns.

PPC Management Goal: We will fine tune your PPC campaigns as close to the natural average as possible. Results may vary based on larger population locations.

Average PPC Cost

Average CTR

Average CPA Cost

Your Bing PPC Engine uses goal tracking which lets you see which keywords are resulting in leads, sales and subscriptions.

Your Bing PPC Engine uses goal tracking which lets you see which keywords are resulting in leads, sales and subscriptions.   

This will help you get your ads in front of the right target audiences and increase sales and listings.  


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20 Years PPC Keyword Experience!


20 Years PPC Keyword Experience!

We have over 20 years experience with online Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Bing might not be as big as Google but that’s actually it’s advantage – you’ll pay less and get seen more, meaning that you can bring many more visitors to your site.

Bing can give you a boost and start to grow your target audience at 33% less than Google Adwords. 

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There is not a better Real Estate Keyword offer available on the Internet.

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