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Why Its Crucial to Start Paying Attention to Bing.

When it comes to PPC, the first name that comes to mind is: Google AdWords.

Although many beginning marketers may gravitate towards Google Adwords, it  is more expensive, more competitive, and less defined.

Focusing only on Google AdWords can be a big mistake.

This is where Bing comes in...

A Bing Real Estate advertising campaign can help you to reach an entirely different section of your market while avoiding direct competition with some of the bigger competitors in the field.   

Although, in terms of traffic, Bing ads are not as big as Google Ads, they are less competitive and on average cost 33% less than Google Ads.  

Bing has 20% market share of the online PPC market. When you consider Yahoo! still makes up around 10%. Yahoo is powered by Bing, that goes up to 30%.

This is a serious amount of web traffic to ignore!

Bing is the perfect starting point for small lean business and a very wise source of traffic for all online business.  

Bing has approximately 9.6 billion searches per month.

According to, 39% of mobile and tablet devices searches in the U. S. originated from Bing at the end of the 3rd quarter in 2018.

A good Bing ad campaign can be strategically used in conjunction with a Google Adwords campaign for better conversions.

Ask yourself this question. 

In what other scenario would you be happy to let 30% of a your target market walk?

30% of potential visitors means 30% of potential customers and 30% of potential profit.

Instead of earning 50K a year from your website, you could be earning 65K a year just by paying attention to Bing. 

Windows 10 and Cortana (Microsoft's AI Personal Digital Assistant)

Bing is integrated into Windows 10. The latest integration of Microsoft includes Bing as their default search engine with Bing deeply ingrained into their system.

Microsoft says that this is the last version of Windows ever. Future upgrades will be integrative rather than a complete overhaul. Bing is here to stay.

Not only is Bing the default search engine for Microsoft's Edge browser (330 million monthly devices) it is also the search engine used by Cortana. 

Cortana is a system, similar to Siri, living on your desktop. If you want to know the weather, you can simply ask Cortana, "What is the weather in my area?" and while you are typing, she will pull the results from Bing before you even complete your thought. Meaning, if someone should set Google as their default search engine, they are still likely to be using Bing on their desktop without realizing it.

If they ask,"Find best real estate agent in my area", Cortana will open up Bing and show the results in their browser.

That could be your website. 

Think about the kind of person that is deeply ingrained with Microsoft ecosystem.

Who is likely to use Microsoft suites and hardware?

Simple Answer: Businesses.

This means executives, CEOs, managers and decision makers are more likely to be looking at Bing.  

If this is your target demographic, then you should strongly consider adding Bing ads to your campaign. 

Xbox, Twitter and Bing Search Engine

Xbox One and Bing Search Engine

Xbox One has over 25 million users around the world, including Bing as their default internet browser. 

Twitter and Bing Search Engine

Bing has a close connection with Twitter and includes feature where you can see your twitter analytics next your ads. This is called a 'social extension' surpassing Adwords and offering superior control over ad campaigns.

In addition, Bing recently made the transition to Andriod and IOS systems establishing easy access on your smartphone.

Bing SEO and Google Search Results

Because a lot of people never consider Bing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), thhey do not know what is takes to rank well on Bing.

Bing SEO is different from Google SEO. Most people think if they optimize for Google the same will apply to Bing. This is simply not true 

Some Key Differences between Bing SEO vs Google SEO

Bing favors old, reputable pages whereas Google prefers fresh, regularly updated content.

Google is more likely to rank your internal pages such as blogs and services, whereas Bing is more likely to rank your home page.

30% of traffic on Bing is ripe for the taking.

With a little background research you could get your Real Estate website ranked on the top of Bing's Search Engine result pages.

You'll be in a a smaller pond but it will be much easier to get the fish biting.

Ranking well in Bing can also effect your Google search engine rankings too.

Think about it. 

If you get to the top of Bing search results this leads to 30% more exposure.

This, in turn, means that you end up getting more back-links and discussed in more related forums and more comments sections.

The same goes for your Bing PPC ads.

You can use Bing PPC ads as your "way in" to boost your rankings on Google search engine results pages.

This can help increase your local brand exposure without directly challenging the biggest players in your niche market.

Bing Gives You More Control Over Your Campaigns

Bing PPC gives you the precise control that any advertising campaign needs, allowing you to build a perfect business plan with a specific advertising spend, targeting demographic, and profit margin.

Bing allows you to set different time zones, allowing for sophisticated "ad scheduling" strategies and location and language for each ad group. 

Bing makes device targeting for tablets and iPhones easier.


Bing lets you choose which search partners you want to work with and makes it easier to leave out variations of your keywords in order to create a more focused campaign. 

Binghas a sleek, modern look. The "Daily Features Images" gives it a relaxing feeling and quality you can see.     

Why You Should Have Both Bing & Google PPC

There are many variables that can upset the apple cart and lead to Google losing PPC market share in the near future, generating a greater risk for all Google AdWord users.

Apple has repeatedly threatened to ditch Google as the default browser on the iPhone, which could easily lead to a big shift in the search engine PPC marketplace.

Although it is mostly speculation, the question remains. Can you afford to take that risk? 

Are you happy putting ALL your eggs in Google's basket?

Bing offers a lot of opportunity to the savvy SEO webmaster that you can't afford to miss.

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