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Long-Tail Keywords


What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-Tail Keywords can be, “Realtors that list homes in California" or “Best California real estate agent”. Most of the time, people looking to hire a local real estate agent type in specific questions or longer keyword phrases. 

Real Estate Keywords tend to be more general, a single word or a short phrase of two to three keywords. “Realtor”, “Real Estate Agent” and “List My Real Estate Agent” would all be examples of common keywords people might use to start their search for a Real Estate Agent.

· Long-Tail Keywords are more specific and usually contain longer phrases.

· Long-Tail PPC Keywords can provide an added local touch such as a county or a city.

· Long-Tail PPC Keywords will usually have less competition and a lower cost per click.

· Long-Tail Keywords tend to follow natural language structures.

· Long-Tail Keywords will help you convert searchers in the early stage of buying.

· Long-Tail Keywords convert well because the user is being more specific.

· Long-Tail Keywords can be, “realtor in California specializing in selling homes”.

· Long-Tail Keywords can also be a question like, “How can I sell my home in California?”.

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Voice Search and Long-Tail Keywords

Natural language searches are on the rise. It is accelerating a trend towards Long-Tail Keywords and phrases used in online searches.

Bing recently stated that 25% of its searches are by voice search. Instead of typing in “California Real Estate Agent” when looking to hire a Real Estate firm in California, a searcher using voice search might say, “Find top listing Realtor in California to sell my home"

Real Estate generic keywords still dominate and generate lots of traffic, but the trend is shifting towards Long-Tail Keywords in online Real Estate marketing.

Long-Tail Keyword Studies

HitTail performed research on keywords to see how much traffic varying lengths of keywords received. According to their findings, “70 percent of all search queries are for long tail terms.” This means that 7 out of 10 search queries involve at least three words.

A client study found that 88.3% of their Web traffic used unique, Long-Tail search phrases to find the site.

A Google study found that 80% of their searched traffic is now Long-Tail Keywords. ( ).

Studies show that Real Estate offices that focus on shorter keywords tend to overspend and may be missing out on some very targeted traffic.

Long-Tail Keywords and SEO

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Search Engine Optimization for Long-Tail Keywords can give your website more targeted traffic and help your website rank better for the shorter more competitive real estate keywords and phrases.

Search Engine Optimization for Long-Tail Keywords can help convert a web visitor into a new client.

We recommend that you use both SEO for both shorter Real Estate keywords and Long-Tail Real Estate Keywords.

If your Real Estate firm’s website is getting good traffic but you are having difficulty converting traffic into new cases, consider adding more content designed around Long-Tail Keywords for better conversions.

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