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Misspelled Keywords


Misspelling PPC Keyword Campaigns

Misspelled keywords can be a great opportunity to get some low-cost traffic. People are often hurriedly typing in their search query while multitasking.

Years ago, when newspaper ads were king, newspaper columnists would try to aim their writing to 8th grade 6 month level. This is very evident to anyone who who looks at any real estate website's older server logs. There is plenty of opportunity with misspelled keyword campaigns to expand the ease of which potential clients can find your website.

Keyword Strategy: Misspelled Keywords

Try building a typo ad group and compare with other keyword ad groups. Include:

· Misspellings Singular

· Misspellings plural forms

· Acronyms

· Abbreviations

Misspelled Keywords Study Snickers Candy Bar

Recently, Snickers got 558,589 ad impressions on those advertisements. The  campaign ran successfully in the United Kingdom for three days until the company felt there is great potential to expand this type of campaign on a larger scale. Click-through-rate was an impressive 1.05 percent, bringing in 5,874 visitors to their specially branded website.

Snickers Misspelling Search Keyword Campaign Reached 50K People In 3 Days

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